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Things to do on Maternity Leave

Things to do on your Maternity Leave

Maternity LeaveSo the day is drawing near and you’ve been forced to stop working ; ) The law establishes a 4 month maternity leave period, beginning 1 month before your due date. This can be quite a trying time for many mums to be and some suggestions on how to occupy ones time during this period have proved invaluable for many. Not only are boredom and anxiety factors while awaiting the important arrival of a newborn, but what will occupy you once the little tyke arrives.

Some women nowadays find this time off to be wasteful, while others merely cannot occupy themselves or are at not in a physical capacity to remain active. Here are some ideas to help you stay productive and active during this important new stage in your life aka Maternity Leave.

Be romantic

Plan special events for you and your partner. You’re time for just the 2 of you is running out and this could be a good excuse to relax and take time off. Spa weekends are a good start however even a special dinner can suffice and help you to feel relaxed and special. Even after birth try to keep this trend so that you keep some time for yourselves and keep the relationship healthy.

Be Creative

Both before and after birth experiences are unique and utterly life changing. You will have time and the inclination to reflect and reminisce. Use this time productively and create celebrations of these moments. Scrapbooking and Montages are a great way to productively bring your memories to life. There are even online applications where you can create printed masterpieces with your memories. Take a look at for some great scrapbooking material.

Be Active

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean doing the “iron man” or hitting the gym daily. South Africa has some of the most beautiful and accessible fauna and flora in the world and very few utilize it. There are hundreds of beautiful parks and trails throughout our cities and simply taking a walk with friends and your newborns can be extremely healthy and fulfilling. If even this is too much to handle, go out for coffee with friends or meet up with colleagues at lunch. This helps keep a healthy attitude which keeps your body active too.

Be Adventurous

Take your newborn swimming for the first time. All though scary, this can be a very special moment for you and your little one. They’ve got to try it at some stage so why not get them started young, its only water and they do get used to it remarkably quickly.

These are just a few ideas on how to stay healthy and productive during your maternity leave. For another 20 maternity leave tips click here.





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